Accelerating visual effects with AI

With backgrounds spanning TV and film, SaaS security, and AI/ML innovation, we recognised a paradox. Despite its ability to depict the most advanced and futuristic sci-fi worlds, the film industry itself was constrained by antiquated and outdated practices, failing to leverage VFX talent to its utmost potential.

The irony wasn't lost on us: on screen, the industry promised a future of boundless imagination and technological marvels, yet behind the scenes, it lingered in methods that stifled creativity and innovation.

We saw the transformative efficiencies and foundational significance of cloud technology. Recognising its potential to redefine the landscape of VFX and identifying a gap in the rotoscoping space, we merged the worlds between the creative and the technical – setting a new standard for the industry.

Meet our founding flock

Gary Palmer profile image

Gary Palmer

CEO | Industry Co-Founder

As our CEO, Gary brings nearly a decade of experience in TV and film, covering everything from camera work to post-production. His journey through the industry has led to the development of several automated VFX solutions, highlighting his ability to seamlessly merge technical expertise with creative vision.

He has designed workflows for leading streaming services (Disney, Netflix, and Amazon), addressing complex challenges such as framing and colour science, while overseeing the workflow from camera capture to post-production, DI, and theatrical release. His technical acumen and consulting skills, bolstered by a vast network of industry contacts, fuel his commitment to developing tools that meet the aspirations of VFX professionals.

Understanding the critical need for cloud-based solutions and the transformative power of AI in the VFX industry, Gary is dedicated to empowering creatives. He identifies the rapid pace of industry growth, outpacing the rate at which new talent can be trained, as a significant challenge. Gary is motivated by a vision to overcome the inefficiencies of traditional methods, aiming to provide VFX teams with the freedom to achieve the best creative outcomes for their projects. This vision represents a significant advancement in VFX, driving the industry forward into a new era of innovation and creativity.

Jake Laver profile image

Jake Laver

CTO | Technical Co-Founder

As our CTO, Jake brings an invaluable blend of expertise from the fintech sector, known for its rigorous standards. His proficiency in developing secure, cloud-native systems meets the highest global compliance standards with finesse. With a solid foundation in physics and maths, Jake has been instrumental in engineering Spotlight to not only be high-performing but also fault-tolerant, ensuring reliability under any condition. Collaborating with the forefront of computer vision research, he has masterfully integrated advanced, multi-step models into the platform. These innovations are specifically designed to cater to the TV and film industry's increasing needs for volume processing and ironclad security without compromise.

Jake's technical acumen, combined with his drive for innovation, places him at the forefront of revolutionising the VFX industry. His commitment to quality has been the cornerstone of Spotlight's success and has opened the door to a cloud-based VFX future where security and efficiency co-exist seamlessly.

Richie Murray profile image

Richie Murray

COO | Commercial Co-Founder

With a strong background in B2B SaaS business development (BD), our COO, Richie, excels in aligning product offerings with clients' nuanced needs and forming long-standing partnerships across the industry. His expertise extends beyond mere BD; Richie has successfully launched and scaled multiple new product offerings. By meticulously ensuring market fit, crafting compelling value propositions, and applying creative problem-solving, he has consistently delivered solutions that make a tangible impact.

Richie's strategic vision is further amplified by his ability to weave a network of partners and suppliers. This network has been fundamental to developing a superior product that is not just technologically advanced but also deeply integrated with the needs and expectations of the VFX industry. He has been instrumental in helping us develop transformative technology that is as commercially viable as it is innovative.