Blue Skies, Cloud and AI

Computationally Assisted Creativity is Nothing New

In this article recently published by TVB Europe, Electric Sheep CEO Gary Palmer discusses the longstanding collaboration between technology and creativity in the film and TV industry, particularly in the context of visual effects (VFX) production. It highlights how advanced technology, such as blackhole simulators, has played a crucial role in delivering groundbreaking content.

There's an in-depth look into the role of machine learning and AI in enhancing productivity and facilitating the industry's transition to the cloud. MovieLabs' vision for the media business by 2030, emphasising cloud-based workflows and creative applications, is explored. And Gary underscores the industry's need to scale rapidly to meet the demand for content and how AI can significantly contribute by automating time-consuming tasks like rotoscoping.

Rotoscoping is one of the most time-consuming processes in the workflow, consisting of tracing around foregrounds frame by frame to separate the background, taking up to six hours of work for one second of content.

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