Rotoscope in minutes, not days.

Introducing Spotlight, our AI rotoscoping tool.

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Hair, Occlusion or Motion Blur?

Spotlight is ready for the complex shots that Film/TV VFX artists hate.

Simple Forecasting.

All shots now take the same time and have the same cost.

No More Progress Bars.

Cloud native scaling means that we can process all your clips at once.

Who We Are.

Electric Sheep is dedicated to accelerating the Visual Effects (VFX) industry with cutting-edge AI technology. With a focus on speed, security, and scale, we are streamlining Film/TV workflows. The first step on our journey is rotoscoping.

After years of camera to post experience for Netflix, Amazon and Disney among others, we saw an opportunity to take the challenges faced in VFX and leverage emerging AI technology to solve them. Thus Electric Sheep was born.

Our mission is to allow artists to get back to what they do best - telling stories through creative, stunning and impactful visual effects.

The Founding Flock.


Gary Palmer - CEO

Industry Co-Founder

Gary brings over seven years industry experience from camera to post, most recently building an automated VFX pulling platform.

In the past Gary has designed workflows for all leading streaming services, delivering to technical specifications - such as calculating framing, colour science and covering the associated steps from camera capture to post production, DI and theatrical release.

Whether it's through his technical savvy, creative vision, or consulting his network of industry contacts, Gary is always working tirelessly to to ensure the company is building the tool VFX professionals want to see in the world.

Jake Laver - CTO

Technical Co-Founder

Jake’s experience is in building fast, scalable and secure systems for the highly-regulated fintech sector. He has honed his skills in developing secure and reliable cloud-native systems that meet the world’s highest standards of compliance.

Using his physics and maths background, Jake has built Electric Sheep’s AI system to be high performing and fault tolerant. Working with industry leading computer vision researchers, he has implemented jointly-researched, multi-step models, capable of meeting to the ever growing demands of the Film/TV industry - both in terms of volume and security.

With his technical pedigree and passion for innovation, Jake is well-positioned to execute the vision of securely bringing the VFX industry into the cloud era.

Richie Murray - COO

Commercial Co-Founder

Richie is a seasoned commercial professional with a career in B2B SaaS business development. He focuses on ensuring a deep understanding of his clients’ needs and building partnerships with key industry players.

Richie has owned and launched several new product offerings, ensuring they’re the right fit for the market, creating value propositions and implementing creative problem solving to deliver impactful solutions.

Using his commercial and strategic experience, Richie has built a network of partners and suppliers, allowing Electric Sheep to deliver a better all round product.

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